Banned Words: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Scolds NeverTrump Guest For Saying ‘Illegal Alien’ During Anti-Trump Screed


MSNBC host Joy Reid scolded NeverTrumper Evan Siegfried on Sunday for using the term “illegal alien” during a liberal, butt-kissing, anti-Trump screed attacking President Trump for wanting to build a wall on our southern border.

From Newsbusters:

After beginning the segment by fretting over a new ad supporting President Donald Trump on the congressional impasse over immigration by highlighting the dangers of allowing illegal immigrants access to the country, she likened it to the Willie Horton ad of 1988, and soon turned to Republican strategist Evan Siegfried, posing: “Is it wise … for Republicans to essentially run on ‘brown people are murderers, rapists and killers, and therefore do not belong in America’?”

Showing his liberal side, Siegfried claimed that it is not “conservative” to build a border wall because it requires seizing private property — as if conservatives somehow oppose all eminent domain seizures even when they genuinely are in the public interest. The liberal Republican inadvertently pushed Reid’s PC button as he accurately used the words “illegal alien.”

The far-left MSNBC host jumped in to lecture him:

Well, we’re going with undocumented immigrants. I think we’re going to go with that — it’s definitely the right — I mean, we’re trying to change the conversation around here, right? There’s certain terminology even — like “chain migration” and “illegal aliens.” It’s a throwback conversation that does feel like — it feels almost like the ’80s.

Siegfried just sat there and took it. Such is the pathetic weakness of NeverTrump “true conservatives.”

In October 2016, the other guest with Joy Reid, NPR anchor Maria Hinojosa similarly scolded another Republican guest for saying “illegals.”

Rather than call illegals “illegals,” Hinojosa said you must say they’re “an immigrant living illegally” or “an immigrant living without papers or without documents in this country.”

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