Bombshell: Stephen Paddock Requested A Suite In Another Wing Of Hotel Before Being Internally Reassigned To 32-135


The Las Vegas Police Department’s preliminary report on the 2017 massacre reveals Stephen Paddock was assigned to room 32-135 against his request to be suited in an entirely different wing of the hotel altogether

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHB) — Based on information contained in the 81-page Force Investigation Team Report, the alleged gunman of the 1 October massacre Stephen Paddock requested a Vista Suite located on a non-specified floor in the southeast wing of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino before he was internally reassigned, later placed, into room 32-135 against his initial request.

Information listed on page 7 of the report reveals that Paddock had made his room reservation for Vista Suite ending in 235 but not on a specific floor, on or around Sept. 9, 2017.

Such an odd request for someone who is planning on conducting a mass shooting don’t you think? Considering that by not requesting a specific floor one could have been placed on any floor, even a lower-floor which simply would not have got the job done, so to speak. Not to mention, a 235 Vista Suite is located in the southeast wing of the hotel which would have given the a shooter virtually no tactical vantage of the festival to begin with and simply just defies all logic.

On 20 Sept. Paddock was “internally assigned” to room 33-235 by the Mandalay Bay computer system which seemed to suit his request.

A day later, on the 21st, “Paddock was internally assigned to 32-235,” located in the southeast wing of the hotel on the 32nd-floor. This room also suited Paddock’s request and had no tactical vantage over the venue.

On Sept. 24th, one day prior to Paddock’s check-in, he was internally assigned room 32-135 after changes were made in the computer system, yet once again. According to the report, these changes were made in the Mandalay Bay computer system “without Paddock’s knowledge.”


The following excerpt taken from page 7 of the report concludes:

On or around September 9th Paddock made his room reservation for a Vista Suite ending in 235 but not on a specific floor. On September 20th Paddock was internally reassigned to room 33-235. On September 21st Paddock was internally changed to room 32-235. On September 24th Paddock was assigned to room 32-135.

Intellihub Founder and Editor-In-Chief Tweeted Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Saturday, giving the sheriff some flack over this issue.

“Hey @Sheriff_LVMPD, Please explain why #StephenPaddock was “internally assigned” room 32-135 against his request. This makes no sense. He was placed in that north wing with a vantage.”

Who placed Paddock in that room and why?

A big hat tip to the “AmericanEveryman” YouTube channel for breaking this wide open and doing a great job at explaining the details.

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