Mandela Effect: Metallica’s ‘Unforgiven’


As a fan of the band Metallica, I could hardly pass up clicking on the video linked in this article.  As most die-hard Metallica fans know, the song “Unforgiven” was released in 1991, but what isn’t known, is that it is now the subject of the “Mandela Effect” scrutiny.

The Mandela Effect has been dubbed “false memory” by the website Snopes, and others. Some even go so far as to say there’s “collective false memory.” But is that really all there is to it? I honestly never remember Metallica’s song as “The Unforgiven.” Granted, I was a child when this song came out; nonetheless, to this day, I remember the song as “Unforgiven.”

But when scouring the worldwide web, _Basketofcups (YouTube handle) says that the name of the famous song has changed.  It’s now “The Unforgiven.” Could that simply be a mistake, seeing as how a lyric in the song literally says “so I dub thee unforgiven,”? But is that a clue right there? “Thee unforgiven” is not the same thing as “the unforgiven.” Either way, _BasketofCups attempts to explain the phenomenon.

“Do I have proof? Yes. Does it matter? Maybe,” says _BasketofCups.

“But, it gets better!” says the narrator. “I would like to know if the band remembers it still the way that they show they do here *video shows a screenshot of the song title ‘Unforgiven.’” Spoiler alert: Jame Hatfield calls it “Unforgiven” even after being prompted during an interview to throw the “the” in there.

Personally, as a Metallica fan who knows the lyrics to this song, I find it disconcerting…just a little.  It’s always been “Unforgiven,” right? Yet when I typed “Metallica Unforgiven” into the search bar on YouTube’s website, the following video showed up first. “The Unforgiven.”  I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone!

It’s really that big of a deal considering the amount of government corruption and negativity we all experience, but the Mandela Effect has likely affected everyone. And bottom line…it’s fascinating.

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