Las Vegas Massacre: Specialized Military Ammunition Company That Sells Incendiary Rounds Owned By A “Douglas Haig”


Aerospace engineer, Army Spec Ops, top secret clearance, specialized ammunition dealer, who is this guy Douglas Haig?

MESA, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) As you may already be aware, a Las Vegas judge ruled on Tuesday that hundreds of pages of search warrants pertaining to the 1 Oct. massacre be released under a FOIA request which revealed a second person of interest in the case, a man by the name of Douglas Haig.

A quick search of the name ‘Douglas Haig’ turns up an Arizona-based company called Specialized Military Ammunition LLC which sells tracers and incendiary rounds, much like the ones Stephen Paddock allegedly used to shoot at the jet fuel tanks.

The same man is also listed as a senior engineer with Honeywell Aerospace and a senior liaison engineer/product support engineer for Boeing.

The same individual also holds Department of Defense “top secret clearance” and is affiliated with Special Operations Command (U.S. Army), according to Linkdin.

Remember, Stephen Paddock worked in the aerospace field for both NASA and Skunk Works.

Intellihub reached out to the individual via telephone Tuesday but has not heard back.



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