Democrats Have Absolutely No Class & They Put It On Display At The SOTU


After observing the despicable behavior of the Democrats throughout President Trump’s State of the Union address on Monday night and reading the responses from members of the mainstream media yesterday, I am left to conclude that Democrats have no class.

President Trump did an outstanding job on Monday night. He was inspiring, he was inclusive and yes, he was even presidential. His performance actually converted some former critics into fans.

Pollster Frank Luntz, who had a very public dispute with Trump following a 2015 presidential debate, tweeted:

“Tonight, I owe Donald Trump an apology. Tonight, I was moved and inspired. Tonight, I have hope and faith in America again. It may go away tomorrow. But tonight, America is great again…Even in foreign policy and national security this speech (is) a perfect blend of strength and empathy. These heroic stories break our hearts, but sturdy our resolve…This is the Trump his voters wanted him to be…Trump’s SOTU address represents the presidential performance that Trump observers have been waiting for — brilliant mix of numbers and stories, humility and aggressiveness, traditional conservatism and political populism…Only one word qualifies: Wow.”

Similarly, conservative columnist, radio host, and longtime Trump critic, Dennis Prager had this to say following the SOTU address: “I was wrong. Donald Trump is a great president.” His remarks to radio host Hugh Hewitt follow:

“My opposition to Donald Trump was wrong. [Trump] doesn’t give a damn about what the press says about him. That is the only way to govern. It is the only way to advance the principles of conservatism in the United States is to not give a damn.

Would I like Donald Trump to have Mitt Romney’s temperament, or for that matter Barack Obama’s temperament? Yeah. So what?

I would like a whole host of things. People are packages. What a president does is more important to me than a president’s demeanor. He is so much better a president than Mitt Romney would’ve made. Mitt Romney would’ve awakened every day to read The New York Times editorial page to see how he’s covered. Mitt Romney gave us Romneycare in Massachusetts. I campaigned for Mitt Romney, he would’ve been a better president [than Barack Obama]. Any Republican is better than any Democrat, that’s just the way it is. Having said that, Romney would’ve been a tepid president. Nothing comparably conservative compared to Donald Trump.

The Heritage Foundation has just come out with a statement, a report, that he is more conservative than Ronald Reagan in the way he has conducted the first year of his presidency, which is accurate, something I have said on many occasions.

He has turned out to be a great president with big communication flaws, in the way he tweets and some of the things he says and his temperament. It is fine, that is the way he is.

My temperament is the opposite. I love dignity. I love understatement. Okay, so be it. So what? I’m not sure I’d be as good a president as he. How do you like that? That’s how good he’s been.

The fact that he doesn’t give a damn.

I was wrong. My opposition to Donald Trump was wrong, in retrospect. I was wrong. I had friends who supported him, and I didn’t understand them. I said, “Are you not aware of what he said about John McCain? Isn’t that enough to disqualify the guy?” They perceived in him what I did not perceive in him, that these over-the-top statements – as objectionable as the statements themselves may be, and none of them defended the statements – nevertheless, what they perceived was accurate: a man who doesn’t give a damn about what the press says about him. That is the only way to govern. It is the only way to advance the principles of conservatism in the United States is to not give a damn.”

Listen to Dennis Prager Here

I completely understand that Democrats refused to stand and applaud when Trump spoke about issues important to them such as the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate. However, their petulance continued even throughout moments when Trump discussed topics that all Americans should applaud.

The Daily Caller’s Ben Shapiro summed it up nicely:

“They didn’t just sit, actually. They grimaced. They groaned. They booed and hissed. And it wasn’t just that they disapproved of Trump on policy. It’s that they refused to stand for things they supposedly believe in because they hate Trump so much. Paid family leave? They sat. Infrastructure spending? They sat. Amnesty for 1.8 million illegal immigrants? They sat. And then they sat some more. They sat when Trump touted the American flag. They sat when Trump touted American freedom. They sat when Trump touted low black unemployment rates. They sat when Trump cheered American opportunity. They sat because the Democratic Party has become a party focused on one figure and one figure only: Donald Trump.”

The Democrats are consumed with hatred for Donald Trump. In their eyes, he can do no right. Well, conservatives, including myself, were horrified when Barack Obama was elected President in 2008. At a campaign rally held shortly before he was elected, he told his supporters: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” That was a little unsettling coming from a candidate with such far left leanings to begin with.

However, Obama was legitimately elected in a fair election and conservatives had no choice but to accept him as our President. In fact, we had to be extremely careful with our criticism of his policies lest we be labeled as rascists. The contrast between the political state of affairs then and now is stark.

The media coverage that ensued was equally egregious. Ezra Klein, a writer for Vox, wrote an article called The State of the Union made Donald Trump Look Small: Twitter makes Trump look big. The presidency makes him look small.

Okay, Ezra Klein, you’re really stretching here.

He writes:

President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union was as promised: a reasonably normal speech, read in a reasonably normal way, by a politician for whom the bar is set far, far below “reasonably normal.” And so we can expect the celebration, the hosannas, the cheers that accompany Trump’s occasional forays into acting, just for a moment, like his predecessors.

And yet, watching Trump’s speech, watching him hold back the chaos and energy and fury and strangeness that has defined his political career, I couldn’t help thinking that Donald Trump is the only politician in American history who looks smaller when surrounded by the trappings of the presidency.”

 What a condescending and meaningless critique of Trump’s address! Ezra is searching for words that will denigrate the President and show his readers that he is one of the elite, the privileged few, who is so superior that he can pass judgment on the lowly peon Trump. Well, I’ve got news for you Ezra. Your analysis simply shows how bitter you are. You are blown up like a prideful balloon and the truth is there is no substance in your words. In your mind, and perhaps in the minds of some of your readers, your words sound so poetic, so eloquent. Excuse me, but what the hell do they even mean?

The cryptic criticism offered by Amy Sorkin, of the New Yorker, was similar in nature to Klein’s.

“What scares President Trump, and what makes him feel safe? The pursuit of safety was one of the central themes of his State of the Union speech, delivered before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. Near the beginning of the address, after what has become an obligatory line of diagnosis—“The state of our union is strong, because our people are strong”—Trump added, more quickly, “And together we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.” What became only slightly clearer, over the next hour, was how those pieces—safety, strength, pride—relate to and rely on one another. What binds them together for Trump, it seems, is fear.”

Then, she drones on with her support of chain migration. Sounds as if Amy was also really scrambling to find something to criticize Trump about. Amy, no one is asking you to agree with the President on all of his policies, we are simply asking you and your colleagues to show some respect and common decency for him, the respect and common decency that you would lavish upon any one of our nation’s dreamers.

Events have spun out of control when liberals such as CNN contributor (possibly former CNN contributor after his remarks!) feel free to “celibrate” events such as Tuesday’s GOP train crash tweeting:

“Wow, [between] train full of Goopers hitting truck and this (Trey Gowdy’s retirement announcement), God is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank her.”

It’s time for Democrats to accept the fact that Donald Trump is our President and to afford him the dignity and respect that any fairly elected President deserves. Despite the unprecedented avalanche of political and personal attacks against him, Donald Trump has had a very successful first year in office. His record of accomplishments has been lost in the circus created by the mainstream media over the last year. How about acting like grownups. How about a little grace Democrats?

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