Man Who Sold Stephen Paddock Tracer Ammunition Admits He Was Questioned By The FBI Just One Day After Vegas Massacre


Douglas Haig’s testimony raises a red flag after the former ammunition salesman admitted the FBI had interviewed him on 2 Oct.

MESA (INTELLIHUB) — The Arizona man who sold the alleged gunman of the 1 October Las Vegas massacre a large quantity of magnesium flare rounds says he put the deal together after having three brief telephone calls with Stephen Paddock and says that authorities seem to be hoping for a deeper connection between the two but won’t find one.

Douglas Haig, an aerospace engineer who holds a top secret clearance, told reporters at a press conference Friday that he has sold ammunition as a strong hobby since the early-90’s and has refused service to all kinds of people for many reasons over the years but for whatever reason saw no red flags with Paddock.

The engineer/part-time ammunition salesman said that Paddock asked for his business card at a Phoenix gun show where he had inquired about purchasing a fair number of .308 cal. and 7.62mm tracer rounds.

According to Haig, the two struck a deal several days later at Haig’s house where Haig says Paddock told him he was going to ‘put on a light show with his friends.’

Haig maintains that Paddock called him for the first time while he was at work on a Tuesday following the gun show where Haig explained to Paddock over the phone that he couldn’t talk until after 3 p.m. when he was finished with his shift. After work, the aerospace engineer returned Paddock’s call and gave him directions to his residence. According to Haig, Paddock made only one more call to get better directions from Haig.

Haig admits a transaction was conducted that day for six-hundred U.S. military surplus .308 cal. tracer rounds and one-hundred-and-twenty rounds of NATO surplus 5.56 cal. tracer rounds.

Haig explained that Paddock’s order was rather modest and admits there are people in the valley that would purchase 100,000 rounds in one transaction if he had it and added that such clients are also wealthy enough to shoot them all up in one weekend.

‘Tracers are like fireworks for your gun,” he said.

Additionally, Haig mentioned that federal agents had called him at work on the morning after the shooting where he was subsequently met by the agents and questioned about a box that investigators found in Paddock’s room which had Haig’s name written on it.

“I got up went to work and got a phone call from the FBI and they wanted to talk to me so I said ‘sure’ and went out and talked to them and they said ‘do you know this guy’ and I said ‘not particularly’ and then they told me what he’d done and then the box that had my name on it — that I had put the ammunition in — then it clicked,” he explained.

Haig claims that he had no knowledge of the massacre until the FBI had told him about it on the morning of 2 October and indicated that the FBI had executed a search warrant and collected items for evidence.

“The FBI called me four days after they served the search warrant and they said ‘hey, we would like to return some of your stuff and ask you a few questions’ and I said ‘well that’s great, contact my attorney’ and I haven’t heard a word from them since.

Astonishingly, Haig’s testimony contradicts what investigators have claimed the entire time in all of their requests to the judge to keep search warrants and other documents pertaining to the case secret over fears the investigation could be botched if a named ‘person of interest’ was leaked. So, if both persons of interest, both Haig and Danley, had already been approached and interviewed by federal agents then who else, what other suspect or suspects, could investigators be worried about? After all, with such a cause for concern, there must be at least one other’person of interest.

Additionally, Haig told reporters that he doesn’t think the ammunition he sold Paddock was even used in the shooting. Haig’s reasoning is likely due to the fact that there is no video or eyewitness testimony to suggest that tracer rounds being fired. Not to mention, the fact that tracers work both ways and are often a dual-edged sword, as they can quickly give away the shooter’s position as they light up the path in which the bullet travels through the air.

Haig said that he feels his name may have been leaked to the public on purpose, possibly for political reasons.

“My name is the only name out in this report, so, that makes me wonder if there was some sort of personal motivation,” Haig explained.

The negative press has already caused grief for the Mesa man who has already received death threats.

“It’s been difficult,” he explained. “For all I know I could lose my job over this — all because somebody decided to not redact my name.”

Tracer rounds are legal to sell and purchase in the State of Arizona provided both the seller and buyer’s backgrounds don’t prohibit such transactions due to any former convictions or prior medical rulings.

Haig is not currently taking orders for ammunition.

Intellihub was first to report that Haig was an aerospace contractor with a top-secret clearance who likely sold ammunition to Paddock.

For reasons unknown, according to an unofficial document, Douglas Haig and his wife Dori’s home was paid in full on 9 Nov. 2017, a little over a month after the massacre took place.

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