While People Eat Tide Pods, Today Is International Darwin Day


There couldn’t be more irony in this we looked. Today, as dozens of people will ingest laundry detergent, is international Darwin Day. The day we celebrate the man who is responsible for the theory of evolution.

Today is to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on February 12, 1809. The day is celebrated across the world to promote Darwin’s contribution to science through his Theory of Evolution and also to promote the study and interest in the field of science in general. Darwin Day is an international observance and is celebrated around the world. The celebration of Darwin’s work and tributes to his life has often been organized in spurts since his death on April 19, 1882, at the age of 33. Charles Darwin is well known for theorizing that all species come from a common ancestor. His published his theory, written jointly with Alfred Russel Wallace and his book On the Origin of Species talk about the Theory of Evolution.

Of course, in the meantime, humans continue to eat laundry detergent.

Darwin Rolls Over In Grave As Canada Issues Warning Not To Eat Laundry Pods

Many know what can happen if they choose to eat a Tide pod, yet it hasn’t stopped anyone from trying them.

tide pods voting

Lawmakers now think they need to get involved and use legislation to make the soap look “less edible.” And if you think for one moment humanity may be evolving still, just Google “hot coil challenge.” Human beings are apparently “so evolved” that they don’t know a hot coil will sear the flesh off their arm. So, they lay it on a red-hot stove coil and film the stupidity for all to see.

First, the Great Deities Of Natural Selection came for the idiots with carsurfing: A 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control identified 58 newspaper reports of car-surfing deaths and 41 reports of nonfatal injury from 1990 through summer 2008.

Next, they came for them with Tide Pods.

But now, they have come with a challenge that is beyond painful and beyond insane and beyond imbecilic: the “hot coil challenge.” –The Daily Wire

These people are the reason we live under an overbearing and intrusive government. Talk about catering to the lowest common denominator…

But today is Darwin’s day. And if you’ve ever questioned whether or not humanity has a bright future, first take into account the rapidly declining IQs and life expectancy, and have a look at the Darwin Awards.

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