Leftist Infighting: Feminists Attack Fellow Feminist Amy Schumer For Being Too Pretty


Feminists are now attacking leftist comedienne and fellow feminist Amy Schumer for being too pretty. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to the Daily Wire, it all started because of Schumer’s new movie coming out called I Feel Pretty. In the movie, Schumer’s character, who longs to be supermodel-type beautiful, hits her head and suddenly sees herself as classically hot. The film actually looks cute, and dare I say funny, and is totally relatable to an overwhelming majority of women.

There is simply no pleasing hardcore feminists. They were immediately outraged (their natural state of being) over the “body positivity” film because Schumer is just too hot.

Fellow “comedienne” Sofie Hagen, went on an exaggerated rant about Schumer’s Western beauty and the new film. Among other things, Hagen found it problematic that Schumer is blonde, has white skin, and is able-bodied. Schumer is also “too skinny.”

“So the new Amy Schumer movie is about a woman who is half an inch from being conventionally Hollywood attractive (but rest-of-the-world attractive) who thinks she’s rest-of-the-world-attractive?” Hagen wrote via Twitter. “Amy Schumer is blonde, white, able-bodied, femme, and yes, thin. She IS society’s beauty ideal. So they give her a ponytail and remove her make-up and suddenly she’s ugly? Why not just give her glasses or a fatsuit? What is wrong with this world?”

But Hagen didn’t stop there. Her rant went on for 13 more Tweets.

“Before we can enjoy the premise, surely we have to buy into the fact that she is not pretty. How many of us are bigger than her?” she asked.



An article by The Independent also argued that because Schumer checks off certain boxes, she’s pretty. “Schumer is still blonde, able-bodied and well-dressed, with all the trappings of Western beauty standards. So this idea that, both in this movie and in her real life, she is some kind of grotesque outsider who dares to rebel against Hollywood aesthetics with the circumference of her waist is flawed from the beginning – and insulting to anyone her size or larger. If she is in any way fighting for body positivity, she’s going about it in a clumsy, self-defeating, tone-deaf way.”

Is this really what we’ve sunk to as a society? Women who claim to want rights they already have are now metaphorically gouging out the eyes of those who are, in a rather subjective opinion, better looking. No wonder rational women have rejected third wave feminism.

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