Woman Uses Cannabis Instead Of Chemo To Cure Breast Cancer

cannabis oil

Dee Mani, now 44, was diagnosed with the most deadly type of breast cancer last March. Without hesitation her doctors suggested chemotherapy, but she had a better idea.

After initially agreeing to one year of the harsh chemotherapy treatments, Mani changed her mind. She watched her sister suffer and die after undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, so the determined mother of two set out to find an alternative.

She decided on cannabis oil after doing rather extensive research of some natural cancer remedies online. She said she took one drop inside a capsule every night before going to bed because she didn’t care for the taste or texture of it on its own. Four months after her original diagnosis, her cancer had reduced significantly, and her doctors gave her the all-clear in August, just five months after starting cannabis oil.

She continues to take the cannabis oil every day, even though she’s now cancer free. But her story isn’t the only one of a person healing their body successfully naturally or with diet.

Dieneke Ferguson is now leading a normal life after giving up on the grueling treatments that failed to stop her cancer and putting her trust in nature.

Ferguson put her trust in turmeric. According to the Daily Mail UK, doctors are claiming this is the first recorded incident of a patient recovering by using a spice after stopping medical treatment. Her doctors, from Barts Health NHS Trust in London, wrote about her transition to a natural remedy in the British Medical Journal Case Reports. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report in which curcumin has demonstrated an objective response in progressive disease in the absence of conventional treatment,” the doctors wrote.

The type of cancer Ferguson was plagued with, which has an average survival rate of just over five years, was causing increasing back pain and she had already had a second relapse when she knew she needed to make a change. With her myeloma spreading rapidly, and typical treatments continuing to fail, including three rounds of chemotherapy and four stem cell transplants, the 67-year-old began taking 8g of curcumin (one of the main compounds in turmeric) a day.  She also quite doing chemotherapy and the stem cell transplants that had failed her. –The Daily Sheeple

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that many cures can be found in natural whole foods and plants as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Obviously, that path isn’t right for everyone, but some are finding their life again after healing themselves with natural remedies.

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