[WATCH] Jeff Berwick Explains Why Government Is An UNNECESSARY EVIL

Jeff Berwick, also known as The Dollar Vigilante on YouTube, just explained why the government is an unnecessary evil. During an interview, Berwick says the US and the EU are nothing more than two tyrannical governments trying to make a big show.

The discussion revolved around the Trump administration’s political posturing over tariffs being enforced on European Union products. Of course, then the EU fired back and told Trump that if he dared impose a tariff on them, they’d impose tariffs on US goods. It’s like two schoolyard bullies jockeying for top dog.

“They are trying to show that they are important and that we need them for trade; the only thing we need government for is nothing,” said Berwick.

“The only thing we actually need is free trade and the ability of people across the world, not just in the EU and the US but anywhere in the world just to trade freely. These politicians, as always, are making a huge hubbaboo about how they want to have these giant documents and there’s going to be a trade war. Of course, Frederic Bastiat once said that if goods don’t cross borders then armies will…this is just more rhetoric more trying to remain somewhat relevant in today’s age of the internet and of worldwide trade.”

Berwick was then asked if he thought Trump was justified in his demands for tariffs or if he just simply doesn’t understand global trade.

I believe Donald Trump is told what to do. I believe he’s an insider. He’s already come out and said he’s a globalist. He’s also a nationalist. He basically just says whatever they tell him to say on television, in my opinion. But it doesn’t really matter.  Even if he has good intentions and he’s trying to help Americans by stopping products from coming into the country which are cheaper and better made than products made in the US, that is an actual attack on the American people. There is no trade sort of sanctions for anything of that sort that helps out people in that area. This is where people do not understand economics and of course, they’ll never teach you that in your 12 years of government indoctrination camps in the US. Because if they did, they’d say ‘why are stopping us from getting products at a cheaper price or better quality?’ It’s essentially just another tax on the American people.”

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