Princeton University Unleashed ‘Identity Police’ To Report People For ‘Identity Incidents’

The world is quickly going mad. Authoritarians at Princeton University have now announced there are “identity police” who will report people who commit “crimes” or “identity incidents.”

Princeton University is now encouraging students to report “problematic experiences based on [their] identity.” This means that if students find themselves in a situation that makes them feel offended or uncomfortable in any way they can – and should, according to Princeton – go tell somebody about it, even if it is something that normally wouldn’t result in disciplinary action. Even if the experience “is not appropriate for disciplinary action,” Princeton says reporting helps it to “monitor behavior on campus,” cautioning that filing reports anonymously “may limit Princeton’s ability to respond.”

Well, that’s exactly what college campuses need. (Insert sarcasm and compulsory eye roll). Less education and logic and more emotion-based social engineering. Whining to “authority” for help when offended is the new battle cry of the mentally weak, apparently.

According to Natural News, posters which have been plastered on walls across the Ivy League school’s campus by the Office of Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity remind students that even though “not every experience can or should be addressed through a disciplinary process,” they can rest assured knowing that “there are always resources available to help you manage your experience.” In addition, the posters encourage students at Princeton to “consider reporting your experience.” When it comes to actually reporting on these identity-related incidents, the posters explain that students have a number of options. They can “talk to someone informally” at the Carl A. Fields Center for Diversity and Cultural Understanding, the Women’s Center, the LGBT Center, the International Center, the Office of Religious Life, or the Office of Disability Services. Students also have the option to “report the experience to Institutional Equity and Diversity,” which “monitors information about interactions that may not meet the definition of discrimination or harassment but suggest a pattern of a larger hostile environment.

Social engineering to this degree is bound to have horrible negative effects on all aspects of humanity. The problem with schools going out of their way to make sure that students never feel uncomfortable or offended is that it essentially sets them up for failure. In life, when you encounter an “identity-related incident,” there’s not going to be seven or eight different offices for you to choose from and report the experience. When you hear someone giving a speech on something that you fundamentally disagree with, there won’t always be a counter event for you to attend to make you feel comfortable and safe.

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