Latest Internet Prank Is Tricking People Into Putting Aluminum Foil Into The Microwave

The latest viral internet prank is somehow tricking people into putting a ball of aluminum foil in their microwaves. The sad truth is people are trying it and it could cause an explosion and fire in your house.

We feel like we shouldn’t have to remind people of this, but then again we also had to tell people not to snort condoms or ingest a Tide pod, so you know 2018 has already scraped the bottom of all the barrels, or so we’d hoped.  But alas, we were wrong. People are putting balls of foil in their microwaves.

The newest internet prank is a tweet urging people to microwave a ball of aluminum foil for three minutes. According to IFL Science, it seems the “craze” is a twisted take on a trend in Japan that entails taking a massive ball of tin foil, melding it, and hammering and polishing it until it is shiny and smooth. Do you want your house to burn down? Because this is a good way to initiate that.

As if you need telling, please don’t put tin foil in a microwave. It won’t make it into a shiny ball, but it will likely ruin your microwave and could cause an explosion. Still, according to Twitter posts, some people took the suggestion literally, with entirely predictable results. How legit these are we do not know, but for everyone’s sake, we really hope they aren’t.

Below is an actual video of what happens when you microwave tin foil. Do not try this:

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