Conservative Internet leader Steven Andrew launched a new social network to offer a choice to people censored by Facebook or are concerned with privacy issues. It is for all who love America. “I was shadow-banned by Facebook and was blocked from 99% of my 5 million person monthly reach, so I decided to make www.USA.Life, the Facebook alternative, where conservative views are openly shared.”

Andrew repeatedly asked Facebook to stop censoring him. “I posted a picture of George Washington praying at Valley Forge and that was censored.” Many people across the country have experienced limits on access to their friends for posting conservative ideas, support of President Trump or Christian beliefs.

“It’s obvious the Social Media Giants are not playing fair,” said Andrew. “They slant what people see to promote a Globalist agenda that is anti-American. People have cried out for a pro-American site to communicate with their friends.”

“USA.Life is needed, because Facebook’s censorship affects elections, finances, relationships and national security,” he said.”There is no social media like USA.Life that unites and heals the nation,” he said.

Andrew keeps all user information private and does not sell it to marketers. The layout is very similar to Facebook so it should be familiar to most. To get a free account, visit: www.USA.Life.

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