Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Attacked During Speech At University Of Missouri

Daily Wire columnist Michael Knowles was attacked Thursday evening while giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women” at an event hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.

According to a statement released on UMKC’s Twitter, “The protest turned disruptive and after several warnings, the disruption persisted.”

Hecklers consistently interrupted Knowles and yelled at him, prompting Knowles to respond, “I know, you’re so oppressed, my dears. I know, life is so hard for you. You have to live in the richest, most equitable, most just country in the history of the world. You have to get a college education; you have to voluntarily go to lectures; it’s so awful. I can’t imagine.”

As the protesters stood up and started leaving, Knowles continued, “People who are in war-torn nations; they must truly pity you. Goodbye. Goodbye.” The crowd started clapping; Knowles said, “Thank you gentlemen, for your support. I’m not that intimidated by these guys … There’s a course being taught right now at an American university on angry white men. When I look at who’s angry, I’m not so sure …” The hecklers started yelling again, prompting Knowles to reply, “I know. I seem so hateful. You guys seem lovely and sweet. You guys seem so compassionate and lovely.” Turning to one protester, he replied, “You hope that what? Well, it’s very difficult to use my platform when people use the hecklers veto to try to shut up any opinion that disagrees—”

The protestor was tackled and tased by police prior to being arrested.  Others were maced, according to those in attendance.

Protestors originally planned to stage a silent walk-out at the event before heading to the Inclusion Spring Bash at the University Walkway.

After the incident, Knowles tweeted that someone in attendance tried to throw bleach on him. After speaking with police, Knowles tweeted that it was instead an odorous substance designed to smell like bleach.

Knowles speech can be seen here.

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