Chomp! Great White Shark Bites Underwater Camera (Watch)

How would you like to see that face up close? Dr. Greg Skomal, a researcher with the Massachusetts Division of Marine and Fisheries, did – he got to meet the shark pictured above while he was out tagging the creatures. During a regular research trip Monday off Cape Cod, the 12-foot great white shark decided…

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Vampire Bats Developing Taste for Human Blood – Study

As a result of deforestation in their habitat, vampire bats in northeastern Brazil, who typically only drink the blood of large birds, have had to diversify their taste palates to much larger prey – namely, humans. “We were quite surprised… This species isn’t adapted to feed on the blood of mammals,” Enrico Bernard from the…

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Sad: 8 Heartbreaking Photos Prove Zoos Are ‘Animal Prisons’

Few animals in zoos are actually endangered; the rest are showcased to the public for entertainment purposes. Gaston Lacombe’s “Captive” series aims to expose this. While the intention behind starting zoos might have been honorable, many have, unfortunately, become more similar to a car collection than an animal conservation effort. As animal rights organization PETA has…

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