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WTF: Man Throws Live Alligator Into Fast Food Drive Thru Window

You know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t get your order right at the drive thru? Your first reaction probably has never been to do this: Jupiter, Florida resident Joshua James (above) decided it would be a funny “prank” to toss a three-and-a-half foot alligator through a Wendy’s drive thru window, ya know, like…

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No One Else Asked Her, So Girl Brings Life-Sized Bernie Sanders Cutout to Prom

Not even sure what to say here, really. No one asked high school senior Chloe Raynaud to prom, so she brought a life-sized cutout of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Thank you to @BernieSanders @SenSanders for accompanying me to prom last night! #Bernie2016 #FeelTheBern — chlo (@chlooraynaud) May 1, 2016 .@chlooraynaud took Bernie Sanders to…

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Meanwhile in China, This Kid Was Born with 15 Fingers and 16 Toes

A baby named Hong Hong was born in China last month who suffers from extreme polydactylism. The migrant workers who had him claim that three prenatal scans showed no birth defects. His mom also suffers from the condition, with one extra digit on each hand and foot, but they had no idea their son would…

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