Chopper Cameraman Captures ‘Atomic Blast from Mother Nature’

A cameraman for a local television station in Phoenix, Arizona, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a huge mushroom-cloud shape in the skies while shooting footage from his news helicopter. Being in the right place at the right time, Jerry Ferguson managed to capture the moment perfectly. “Arizona may not get much rain, but…

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Uh-Uh-Uh-Oh: Obama Turns into Stuttering Mess over Trump… Again!

Does Obama have some kind of built-in fail-safe mechanism that bars him from knocking Donald Trump? Because it just happened again while he was trying to look cool stumping for Hillary: Sadly, we’ve seen this before: We thought it might be a broken teleprompter but… could it be… The Donald? Delivered by The Daily Sheeple…

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Did CCTV Capture the Ghost of This Shopkeeper on Tape?

The general manager at a vintage store called Hopkinson on Station Street, Nottingham dating back to the 1880s claims to have caught a ghost on the store’s CCTV surveillance cameras. The white spectral half-figure appears to hover near a clothing rack, almost as if shopping. Via Nottingham Post: General manager Izzy Watts said: “When I…

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