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SHOCKER: Colleges Stop Exorbitant Price Increases After Congress Caps Student Loans

America’s colleges and universities have finally stopped their practice of annually gouging students with price increases for tuition, fees and room and board — to the accumulated tune of a growth rate of 400 percent in the last three decades. Labor Department statistics collected by The Wall Street Journal show that aggregate tuition increases in 2017 rose…

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How Higher Education Became an Obscenely Profitable Racket That Enriches the Few at the Expense of the Many (Student Debt-Serfs)

Student loan lenders are skimming tens of billions in profits guaranteed by the taxpayers. “Legal” rackets have two essential components: a public-relations “cover” that obscures the racket and the mechanism that extracts the wealth from the “marks.” The Higher Education Racket qualifies on both counts: 1. The PR cover is “you all need a college…

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America’s Problem with Student Loans Is Much Bigger Than Anybody Realized

By Shaun Bradley The Department of Education recently released a memo admitting that repayment rates on student loans have been grossly exaggerated. Data from 99.8% of schools across the country has been manipulated to cover up growing problems with the $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loans. New calculations show that more than half of all…

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