EYE ROLL: College Profs Now Warning About “Pain and Injury” Controversial Guest Speakers Cause to Students

Millennials don’t seem to see the hypocrisy in being a snowflake. They run around whining about certain people’s “privilege” (white privilege, male privilege, etc.) in this society, but it’s a pretty damn “privileged” position to worry about someone hurting your feelings or offending you — as if that’s the worst possible thing that could ever…

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Look out, Men: Your “Toxic Masculinity” Is Now the Focus of Progressive Wrath

The growing epidemic of imagined victim-hood is expanding, and you won’t believe who the witch-hunters are after this time. You’ve likely heard that colleges across the US have been offering courses and workshops focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem. Universities are not the only “educational” institutions teaching students that being white is something…

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Racist Schools Are Teaching Students That “Whiteness Is A Problem”

In the upcoming spring 2017 semester, two taxpayer-funded American universities – the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver – will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem, reports The Daily Caller. The University of Wisconsin course is called The Problem of Whiteness. Here are a few excerpts…

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