College Offers ‘Cultural Dogs’ And ‘American Whiteness’ Classes

An Iowa college is set to offer classes on “American Whiteness” and “Dogs, Identities, & Culture,” according to its fall 2017 course catalog. Feminist ethnographer and professor Karla Erickson will teach “American Whiteness,” aimed at examining “whiteness as a specific racial formation with a distinct history, proactive and defensive politics, and institutional and personal investments,” according to the course catalog.…

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New Study Confirms Owning A Dog Is A Health Benefit

A new study has confirmed what most dog owners already know: their companionship with their furry canine is incredibly good for one’s health and overall well-being. Research now shows that all pets bring real health benefits to their owners, but dogs may be different because of their heightened level of loyalty and need for exercise. Pet ownership has already been associated with lower levels…

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Graphic Video Shows Minneapolis Cop Shooting Two Dogs In Yard

Jennifer LeMay cried over the shooting of her service dogs by a Minneapolis cop. The Facebook video is highly disturbing. It shows a Minneapolis police officer intentionally shooting two dogs in a yard, and neither appear to be charging the cop. The owner of the two dogs, Jennifer LeMay, is facing thousands of dollars in bills for…

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