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FBI Refuses to Release Hillary Clinton Files, Says Lawyer Did Not Demonstrate the ‘Public’s Interest in the Disclosure’

The FBI turned down a lawyer’s request for the release of FBI files on Hillary Clinton, faulting the lawyers’ documents for not providing enough proof “that the public interest sought is a significant one,” according to multiple reports Tuesday. The FBI killed the request made by attorney Ty Clevenger, who filed a Freedom of Information Act…

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Breaking: FBI Recommends No Criminal Charges for Hillary Clinton

Today – in an announcement that will surprise no one – the FBI said that the agency recommends that Hillary Clinton NOT face criminal charges over her use of a private email server during her reign as Secretary of State. Here are some of the ridiculous things FBI Director James Comey said in a statement: Although…

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Wikileaks Releases Smoking Gun Email Proving Once and For All Clinton Is Lying Through Her Teeth

Wikileaks appears to have found the smoking-gun email proving almost inarguably Hillary Clinton broke the law — but not necessarily simply because she used the now-infamous private email server. “Is this the email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)?” Wikileaks tweeted Tuesday night. Is this email the FBI’s star exhibit against Hillary Clinton (“H”)?…

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