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Here It Comes: EU Threatens “Action” If Facebook Doesn’t Censor All “Fake News” and “Hate Speech” Within 24 Hours

Did you know that earlier this spring, many U.S. tech megacompanies including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft all signed a “code of conduct” pledge promising the European Union they would work with an unelected EU commission to “sanction” and “criminalize” “individual perpetrators” of “hate speech” online. In addition, these companies have signed up to “promote…

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Asinine EU Wants to Redefine Robots as “Electronic Persons”

As of now, artificial intelligence is nowhere near as aware or competent as a human. Heck, even the most powerful supercomputers lack the consciousness of a small animal. We don’t even know if computers are capable of achieving rudimentary consciousness. But that hasn’t stopped the European Union from proposing a law that would define robots…

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British MP Jo Cox Murdered: Now Comes The Psyop to Stay in the EU

“Create a killer? Take someone who’s unstable, pump him up with SSRI antidepressants, fill his head full of ideas about violent action, point him in a desired direction, and stand back.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) On June 23rd, the UK will vote on whether to stay in the European Union (the “remain” campaign) or leave…

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