executive order

White House Survey Asks Public: Should the Presidency be Eliminated?

The Trump administration recently launched a public survey on the White House’s website where participants can indicate which federal departments they believe should be eliminated. While some survey options fall in line with the traditional Republican agenda, such as cutting the Department of Energy and the National Endowment for the Arts, others appear to flout…

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Trump Signs Executive Order That Will Gut Obama’s Coal Killing Regulations

Before Obama was elected president, he infamously said that he intended to create a cap and trade policy that would bankrupt the coal industry. Though his policy never came to fruition, he continued to target the coal industry with regulations like the “Clean Power Plan,” which was introduced in 2014. The regulation was designed to…

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New York Governor Issues Executive Order to Punish Israel Critics

For more than 10 years the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement has been challenging Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and raising awareness, in the hopes of placing economic and political pressure on the nation. But like any political organization, you are free to support or oppose them. Unless of course, you’re running a business that…

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