Vegan Cafe Charges Men An 18% Tax To Address Debunked “Pay Gap”

Handsome Her owner Alex O’Brien (left) The feminist and vegan owner of Handsome Her eatery in Melbourne, Australia, is charging male customers an extra 18 percent “man tax” to eat at her cafe.  But her misandry doesn’t end there. She also is giving women priority seating at the vegan restaurant, regardless of which patron walked in…

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A Sea of Pussyhats is Expected to Flood DC This Weekend…Yes, You Read That Right

Well, it has finally happened. Femi-stupidity has reached new heights. There’s a movement called…I can barely type this…the…the…Pussyhat Project. I am not making this up. As we previously reported, there’s a big “women’s rights” protest planned for January 21 in DC – the day after the inauguration – called the Women’s March on Washington. The…

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Look out, Men: Your “Toxic Masculinity” Is Now the Focus of Progressive Wrath

The growing epidemic of imagined victim-hood is expanding, and you won’t believe who the witch-hunters are after this time. You’ve likely heard that colleges across the US have been offering courses and workshops focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem. Universities are not the only “educational” institutions teaching students that being white is something…

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