Florida Woman Faces Felony for Criticizing Police Incompetence

After a confrontational encounter with police, a Miami woman has been charged with four misdemeanors and a felony, 7News Miami reports. While Kristy Hernandez and other parents were attempting to take their children to the Ben Sheppard Elementary School, police officer Ismael Castilla had something else in mind. Executing a traffic stop, Castilla decided it…

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Florida Mom Captures Tragic Video of Autistic Child Being Arrested

Most parents will never experience how difficult it can be to raise a child with autism. Society at large just doesn’t understand the challenges of controlling a kid who is easily overstimulated and prone to overreactions to normal, everyday situations. And what’s worse, is that law enforcement and our education system don’t know how to…

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Harrowing Video Shows Two Jet Skiers Barely Escape the Path of a Cruise Liner

On Saturday, two young women who were celebrating spring break by jet skiing in the Port Canaveral harbor were nearly killed when their jet ski overturned. However, that wasn’t what put them in so much danger. It just so happens that 19-year-old Skylar Penpasuglia and 20-year-old Allison Garrett fell into the water in the direct path…

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