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Julian Assange Fires Back After Receiving Death Threats From MSM

The tolerant left-leaning media is at it again, using death threats as a means to hopefully silence Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. But Assange isn’t taking it laying down, and he’s now firing back at those who are calling for his execution. Julian Assange has taken to Twitter to expose the aggression of liberal media commentators…

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Not Even the US Military Knows Why the WH Said Assad Is Planning a Chemical Attack

Washington announced Monday Syria plans to carry out ‘another’ chemical weapons attack against its own civilians — and, without hesitation, the Internet destroyed the gauzy excuse for the U.S. to either undertake its own attack, or lay blame for any suspicious chemical onslaughts on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. White House Press Secretary Sean…

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Corp Media Cites Unnamed Sources to Refute a DOJ Warning Not to Trust Unnamed Sources

Image: P. Sinn, used with permission. As the corporate press continues fecklessly insisting the public ‘just trust’ the unnamed officials and anonymous sources it perpetually cites when running shock reports on the inner dealings of government, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — acting authority in the Russia probe, thanks to Jeff Sessions’ recusal — stunningly…

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