guantanamo bay

Pentagon Suppresses Release of Book on Torture

A former chief investigator at Guantanamo Bay is accusing the Defense Department of withholding the publication of his book, which covers the use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques at the facility, as well as the advocacy of what the author deems torture from top U.S. officials, Reuters reports. The book, entitled “Unjustifiable Means,” according to its…

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Here Comes Gitmo 2.0: Draft EO Reveals Trump Plan to Expand Offshore Prison — “US Has Institutionalized Indefinite Detention Without Charge or Trial”

by Andrea Germanos A draft executive order reported to be circulating within the Trump White House calls for keeping the notorious Guantánamo Bay prison open and allowing for individuals associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) to be sent there—a plan described by one expert as “toxic policy” and “a national security disaster.” “Guantánamo 2.0 would…

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