The 5 Most Dangerous Demands of Fear

It seems the fear is taking over. After all, it’s been such an integral part of our lives for such a long a time now that, sadly, life just wouldn’t feel normal without it. They used to say that if it bleeds it leads, implying that fear-pimping was somehow an acceptable part of economic growth.…

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WHERE’S THEIR HUMANITY?! Anti-Trump Protesters Laughing, Wishing Trump Supporters’ Houses Would Burn Down In Gatlinburg Is Deplorable

The amount of hate being poured all over the internet over an election has flown right past disgusting to a level of dehumanization that kind of makes me want to cry for humanity. #BreakingNow: @T_E_M_A reports 30 structures, including 16-story hotel and apartments, are on fire in #Gatlinburg #PigeonForge pic.twitter.com/WWat3LNBBj — Breaking Now! (@BreakingNowThis) November…

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