These Conspiracy Theories Confirmed by Declassified Documents (Video)

Time and time again, “Conspiracy Theorists” are proven right as they are normally the ones doing the digging and seeking for the truth behind some of the biggest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Watch on YouTube Source: 20 Declassified Files That Prove Governmental Crime And Conspiracy – Part 1 Delivered by The Daily…

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Apologizing for “Even Hitler Didn’t Use Gas” Comment, Sean Spicer Says He Doesn’t Want to Distract from Trump’s “Attempts to Destabilize” Syria (Twice!)

Press Secretary Sean Spicer just proved that failure is not only an option, but dumping failure on top of more failure is also an option, one he has now used. By now you’ve likely heard of his “Hitler gaffe” where while Spicer was attempting to demonize Syrian President Assad to further justify the US’s preemptive…

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