Four Cups a Day Keeps the Grim Reaper Away (Video)

Who knew that all of these years of being a rebel and drinking copious amounts of java would actually be beneficial to my health instead of the detriment the medical complex has portrayed coffee as for the better part of 40 years. I’ll be drinking my “joe” and laughing all the way to the old…

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Broadway Play “1984” Is Causing Audiences To Vomit And Faint

Geroge Orwell’s legendary book, “1984“, was not in any way meant to be a prediction of our future, yet that’s exactly what appears to have happened. And now that there’s a Broadway play which follows the events in the book closely, many are finding it difficult to stomach. Since it’s become clear to most of us that…

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WARNING: 47 Million Pounds of Frozen Meat and Tons of Frozen Fruit and Veggies Just Got Recalled for Listeria Contamination

A whole lot of frozen food, approximately 358 consumer products sold under 42 separate brands to include both organic and conventional, just got recalled due to potential listeria contamination. Listeria can cause listeriosis, which is particularly dangerous and possibly even fatal for pregnant women (in whom it can cause miscarriages), babies, elderly people, and others…

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