FBI ‘Secret Rules’ Revealed: Massive Trove of Documents Unmask Agency’s Shady Tactics

A new report published by the Intercept reveals the FBI’s wide-ranging powers from the surveillance of journalists to the treatment of informants after the investigative news site acquired a trove of confidential FBI documents. The 11-part series led by Intercept reporter Cora Currier sheds light on the bureau’s vast secret powers, following a months-long study of confidential…

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Christmas Tree Bomber’s Appeal Puts FBI Entrapment in Spotlight

By Derrick Broze An appeal from the man accused of plotting to blow up a Christmas tree in downtown Portland, Oregon accuses the FBI of entrapping the man on charges of terrorism.  On Wednesday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments related to surveillance and possible entrapment of Mohamed Mohamud, the man convicted of…

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