Watch: Anthony Patch – CERN Is “The Bottomless Pit”!

Joe Joseph recently had a very interesting conversation with his good friend, Anthony Patch. They discussed Patch’s research into CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and other particle colliders around the world. There’s much more to come – this is the first in a regular series of interviews with Tony. Watch on YouTube Delivered by…

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Milo Yiannoupolis Interview With Bill Maher Is Exactly What Liberals Need to See

When Milo Yiannoupolis, the controversial editor for Breitbart, agreed to come onto Bill Maher’s show, the Left exploded in outrage. They howled about how Maher, who I might add also has a long history of making provocative statements, was giving this (insert nazi/racist/fascist/self-loathing homosexual) a platform to speak and spread his poisonous message. One of…

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