Video: Man Gets Ticketed for Warming Up His Car…in His Own Driveway

The “land of the free” is increasingly becoming anything but, which this story perfectly illustrates. Last week, Taylor Trupiano did something many Americans do during the cold winter months: he warmed his car up in his driveway for a few minutes while he waited inside his home. Taylor, who lives in Roseville, Michigan, went out to…

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Backfire! Michigan Recount Showing Voter Fraud After All… for Hillary

As reported earlier today, Jill Stein’s recount efforts aren’t exactly going so well for Hillary. In Wisconsin it turns out that Trump is not only reaffirmed as the winner, but he actually gained 162 votes. In Pennsylvania, Stein was blocked by a federal judge who called her actions “bordering on irrational”. Now it is being…

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