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A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Buddhist Walk Into a…Lab? (Video)

Finally, even some of the most staunchly conservative people in the world – CLERGY – get it! There is a natural remedy for nearly everything that ails us. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have enlisted two dozen religious leaders from a wide range of denominations, to participate in a study in which they…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Medicinal Garden

Growing medicinal plants is a great way to ensure garden sustainability and more notably, to have access to natural medicine when you need it most. When I introduced more herbs in my garden, I noticed it had a profound impact on the vegetables and fruits I was growing. It also encouraged beneficial insects and birds to…

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Quack Science: Scientists Claim Two Thirds of Cancers Are Unavoidable (Video)

Yesterday, The Telegraph published an article titled Two Thirds of Cancers Are Unavoidable Even If You Live a Healthy Life, Study Finds. That sounds alarming, doesn’t it? But is it true? And does the headline of the article accurately represent the actual findings of the study…or are presstitutes misleading the public once again? Joe Joseph breaks…

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