Obama administration

Declassified Documents Detail Scope of Illegal Spying Under Obama’s NSA

Under the Obama administration, the NSA and FBI illegally searched and disseminated raw intelligence on American citizens and failed to delete unauthorized intercepts, according to newly declassified documents obtained by the ACLU. The memos were released to the public on July 11 via Freedom of Information Act litigation spearheaded by the ACLU and shed light…

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Rich White House Staffers Paid Handsome Salaries

Nearly half of the Trump administration’s White House staff will earn in excess of $100,000 per year, according to new salary details released last Friday. While some staff work pro bono, such as “First Daughter” Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, 22 of Trump’s aides, including some with a net worth in the tens of…

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New Revelations Shed Light on Extent of NSA Spying Under Obama

In the waning years of the Obama administration, the National Security Agency (NSA) swept up and reviewed the communications of Americans to an extent previously unknown, in direct violation of the Constitution and its own revised guidelines, recently unsealed documents reveal. The NSA is authorized to collect intelligence on foreigners under section 702 of the…

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