Soda Tax Pushing Residents to Alcohol in Philadelphia (Video)

The City Council of Philadelphia has once again shot itself in the foot and made itself look like a bunch of idiots. Soda now costs more than beer in Philly. And, to make matters worse, they hitched the wagon of their Pre-K program to this tax, and wouldn’t you know it – it is falling…

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And Now, the Ridiculous Reason Police Are Mad at Hillary Clinton and the DNC

by Josie Wales There are plenty of reasons to be upset about Hillary Clinton. This isn’t one of them. Philadelphia, PA — The Philadelphia police lashed out at Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign in a statement issued Wednesday by the president of the Fraternal Order of Police union, John J. McNesby. The letter expressed…

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Caught: Philadelphia Police Tried to Disguise This Spy Vehicle as a Google Streetview Car

Hey, wait a minute… That’s obviously not a Google Streetview car. WTF? Pennsylvania State Police license plate reader SUV camouflaged as Google Street View vehicle. — matt blaze (@mattblaze) May 11, 2016 That’s a Pennsylvania State Police license plate reading car poorly disguised as a Google Streetview car! Actually no. According the PA State…

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