Power Supply

Best Portable Solar Generators for Emergencies

The advantages of a portable solar generator are easy to see. Harnessing the energy of the sun and getting the power you need can be a great thing for any short or long term emergency (for a power outage or just a backup power source). If you are off the main power grid or have.…

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Finding The Best Solar Oven System For Your Needs

Solar ovens are a popular cooking choice for those who have the right environmental conditions. In this guide, I’ll discuss what to consider when buying a solar oven and  suggestions of the ones that work best for prepper’s. First let’s cover the basic pros and cons. Pros of Solar Ovens A solar oven offers a.…

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LuminAID Packlite Max Review – Hands-on with this Solar Lantern Charger

In terms of innovation, I assumed that camping lanterns had already reached their peak. Some lanterns might have better features, burn brighter, use batteries instead of gas, weigh less, or be more durable, but they’d all essentially be different versions of the same product. Packlite Max: Out of the Box Or so I thought. Originally.…

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