Ew: DC Restaurant Serves “Golden Showers” Pee-Themed Burger in “Honor” of Trump, Donates Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

Well, this is just gross. As previously reported, the mainstream media was trolled into reporting what appears to be fake “intel” involving Donald Trump, prostitutes, and pee. The resultant debacle has come to be known as #GoldenShowerGate. One DC restaurant has decided to capitalize on the fake news by offering a pee-themed “Golden Showers” Burger.…

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Video: Protester Throws “Nazi” Golf Balls at Trump in Ireland

This headline depends on how the media has decided to spin it… many mainstream American outlets claim comedian Lee Nelson just politely “handed them out” but if you watch the video below, it’s pretty clear the guy didn’t do that great a job of “handing” them to people, because they’ve been thrown all over the ground at…

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WTF: Man Throws Live Alligator Into Fast Food Drive Thru Window

You know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t get your order right at the drive thru? Your first reaction probably has never been to do this: Jupiter, Florida resident Joshua James (above) decided it would be a funny “prank” to toss a three-and-a-half foot alligator through a Wendy’s drive thru window, ya know, like…

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