Watch Obama Pretend to Drink Lead Water to Appease Poisoned Flint Residents

You’ve gotta love the predictable spectacle of our “leaders” always pretending to drink poisonous water to assure us how safe it is… At least the guy who claimed to drink Fukushima puddle water actually swallowed. Related BOMBSHELL: LEAKED EMAIL PROVES MICHIGAN FAKED LEAD TEST RESULTS BACK IN 2008 LEGIONNAIRES’ DISEASE SPIKES IN FLINT, MI AMID…

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Dankest Memes of the 2016 Presidential Race So Far

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… and in its typical dark satirical form, the internet’s response to the current U.S. presidential race has been nothing short of hilarious. Some of the memes floating around are almost as ridiculous as the candidates, themselves. Enjoy. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple We encourage you to share…

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Art Teacher Fired for Using the Word “Vagina” in Front of Her 8th Grade Class

Kids these days have got to be screwed up getting their “education” from America’s politically correct agenda-driven public schools. If you can’t say the anatomical name to describe a female body part to kids who are almost in high school, what are you supposed to say? Substitute art teacher Allison Wint was recently fired from Harper…

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