Round Up

Turkey Coup Purge Continues: 62 Schoolchildren Arrested for Treason

Following the detainment of some 50,000 police, politicians, lawyers, teachers, and journalists, now the tyrannical Erdogan government has taken to arresting children after the recent failed (and many say staged) coup. Via The Sun: A total of 62 students at Kuleli Military school, the oldest such establishment in Istanbul, were collared by Turkish authorities. Before…

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Report: British Intel Proves Erdogan Staged the Turkey Coup, “Will Blame Gulen’s Hizmet, Sack Millions”

It’s being openly reported in German magazine Focus that British Intelligence intercepted info proving that Turkish dictator Erdogan staged the Turkey coup with a specific plan to blame it all on US-based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen’s Hizmet Movement… as he did shortly after the coup. British intel agency GCHQ intercepted comm between top Erdogan brass:”will…

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