Russia did it

More Gaslighting! Now the FBI is Attacking Alternative Media (Video)

The FBI is reportedly investigating alternative media sites like Breitbart, InfoWars, and RT to see if they played any kind of role in the alleged Russian influence on the US presidential election. Joe Joseph shares the details in this News Shot. Watch on YouTube Source: FBI’s Russian-Influence Probe Includes a Look at Breitbart, InfoWars News Sites…

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Video: 5 Signs Russian Hacking Story Is Really Just Fake News

It’s no coincidence that, in the lead up to the Electoral College voting deadline on Monday, all we’re hearing about in the mainstream establishment lapdog media are cries that Russia hacked our election, Donald Trump knew about it, and now they’re even saying Putin was personally involved! I’d say there’s too little time left, but…

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Top 11 “Russian-Hack” Questions the “Rogue-Electors” Should Ask the CIA

Assuming these “rogue-Electors” from the Electoral College get a briefing on the “Russian election-hack” from the CIA, and assuming the Electors have a few working brain cells, and assuming they care, here are the top 11 questions they should ask the CIA presenter. Questions One through Three (repeated with enthusiasm and fervor): Are you just…

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