The CIA Took Four Years to Declassify its Dress Code

America’s Central Intelligence Agency is among the most secretive of the 17 or so U.S. intelligence outfits, but when it isn’t covering up scandal and corruption, the agency’s obsession with opacity can be outright ridiculous. MuckRock’s Mara Berg in 2013 sent written inquiries to several federal agencies, including the CIA, regarding the agencies’ guidelines for…

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Secrecy and Mysteries Challenge the Official History of Antarctica

by Jordan Sather In late 1946, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia on a mission to Antarctica called “Operation Highjump“. This mission involved 4700 soldiers, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft in what was officially called a research expedition. The part of the story that is seldom told outside of…

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