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FBI Head’s Shocking Admission: “You are no longer under any obligation to obey any federal laws whatsoever; the rule of law is now vacated across America”

by Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News On July 5th, 2016, exactly 240 years and one day after the founding of the United States of America, FBI director James Comey detailed the criminal violations of written law committed by Hillary Clinton… and then declared that she alone should not be prosecuted for those clear…

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Justice Vs. “Just Us”: Of Course the FBI Let Hillary off the Hook

I promise this isn’t one of those “I told ya so” videos… The only thing that surprises me is that anyone is surprised by this. For more on how the criminal “just us” system works, watch this one-minute video. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking…

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