Elon Musk Issues Another Warning to Humanity about A.I. (Video)

In this News Shot, Joe discusses a recent speech given by Elon Musk, in which the inventor-entrepreneur once again sounded the alarm on the risks of A.I. to humanity due to the rapidly advancing technology. Musk also explained why he believes we are living inside a computer simulation. Watch on YouTube Source: Elon Musk Unveils Apocalyptic Vision…

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Video: “Machine Consciousness” Is a Grand Science Hoax — Here’s Why

by Mike Adams To the techno-worshippers, humans will soon become “immortal” because they will be able to “transfer” their consciousness into machines. Or AI systems will become “self aware,” achieving the same mind consciousness that we experience as living, spirit-imbued beings with free will. Today, I’ve just released a new mini-documentary called The Folly of…

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Sexy Robot Apocalypse? Robots Can Now Mate and Reproduce

These days everyone is talking about automation, and how robots may take millions of our jobs over the next 20 years. By some estimates, this new wave of automation could wipe out nearly half of the jobs that exist today, and what will replace them isn’t exactly clear. The rapid advance of digital technology has…

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