smear campaign

Notes on Covert Information-Ops

Ops involving information take many forms. For example, let’s start with a simple “Sunday School” version that any child could learn in an hour. A smear campaign can be carried out by highlighting people who, on their own, already claim an “extreme position”—and then falsely tying those people, by association, to the person who is…

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Ew: DC Restaurant Serves “Golden Showers” Pee-Themed Burger in “Honor” of Trump, Donates Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

Well, this is just gross. As previously reported, the mainstream media was trolled into reporting what appears to be fake “intel” involving Donald Trump, prostitutes, and pee. The resultant debacle has come to be known as #GoldenShowerGate. One DC restaurant has decided to capitalize on the fake news by offering a pee-themed “Golden Showers” Burger.…

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