White House Considers Afghan Troop Withdrawal

Amid consistent signaling that the administration will deploy several thousand additional soldiers to the Afghan war zone, inability to agree on a strategy has brought about discussion of a troop withdrawal, an option long thought to be beyond the pale for Washington policymakers. “It’s a macro question as to whether the U.S., this administration, and…

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Will Trump Hold Off Sending More Troops to Afghanistan?

During a visit to the Pentagon last week, President Trump said he may not send additional soldiers to Afghanistan, in spite of consistent reports to the contrary. Asked whether or not he would make the deployment, Trump answered “We’ll see. And we’re doing very well against ISIS. ISIS is falling fast,” according to the Washington…

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4,000 Additional Troops to be Deployed to Afghanistan

In an attempt to turn around the war the Secretary of Defense says America is losing, the Pentagon will deploy 4,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, a Trump administration official said Thursday. While the deployment isn’t yet official, Secretary of Defense James Mattis—who received new, unilateral authorities over troop deployments to the war-torn country on Tuesday—is expected…

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