SWAT raid

SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s Home Looking for Unarmed Homeless Man

A married couple claim Fresno sheriff’s officers destroyed their house by using it as a training ground for a teargas-wielding SWAT team, 50 vehicles, two helicopters, a K-9 unit and a fire truck — because an unarmed homeless man had been found in their closet. David and Gretchen Jessen sued Fresno County and the City of…

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Man Cusses Out SWAT Team for Waking Him Up

For most people, finding a SWAT team on the front porch is a nightmarish scenario that’s more likely to produce swift compliance, rather than resistance. But last week a man from Odessa Texas (who wishes to remain anonymous) was rudely awakened by that very situation, and he did what most people only wish they had…

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