WATCH: A Man Was Dancing at a Bus Stop, So 4 Cops Taser, Beat, and Arrest Him

by Matt Agorist In today’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ society, doing the ‘pee pee dance’ while waiting for a bus is grounds for police action — at least that’s what a woman in Austin thought when she called the cops on a dancing man. Unfortunately, for the dancing man, police would also perceive his harmless behavior as…

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California Cops Beat and Taze Mentally Ill Man For Jaywalking

Several Bakersfield police officers were recently caught on video, mercilessly beating a man who they claim was non-compliant. However, the video speaks for itself, and it does not appear that the man was a threat to the officers at all. In fact, the man can be heard screaming before the officers beat and taser him,…

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Meet China’s New Taser Wielding Riot Control Robot

Over the past few years, the police in America and around the world have been facing more scrutiny than they ever have before. Their abuses and arrogant demeanor are now easily recorded, and displayed on the internet for all to see. As a result, it’s never been so easy to criticize the police. But it’s…

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