Police Arrest Six Security Guards at Amazon Warehouse After £250,000 Worth of ‘High Value’ Electronic Gear Was Swiped

Cops swooped to arrest security guards at an Amazon warehouse after £250,000 of electronic gear was swiped. Six men aged 29 to 57 were quizzed over items missing from the sprawling depot’s “high value” area. The suspects, employed by a private security contractor, had been tasked with guarding goods including laptops and games consoles in…

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Watch: Thieves Use Forklift to Steal ATM in Brazen Heist

It is said that when there’s a will, there’s a way – and ambitious thieves in Conway, Arkansas proved it last week. A person – or persons – stole an ATM by ramming it with a forklift and loading it into a waiting truck. The bold heist was caught on camera, and police uploaded the video…

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No One Knows How Thieves Snatched Giant 220lb Gold Coin From German Museum

Compared to most criminals, people who steal from museums have it easy. They get to steal paintings, jewelry, and historical artifacts; which are often small and have a subjective price that ranges between thousands and millions of dollars. And unlike bank robbers and home invaders, they typically don’t have to deal with anyone who’s armed.…

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