US in Syria

Iraqi and Syrian Civilian Deaths Top 4,000 — Yet, US Insists Coalition Has Killed Less Than 500

In a wholly unfamiliar world, excessive bureaucracy would equate meticulous record-keeping, particularly when applied to human life; but — because self-interest apparently precludes the need for accurate assessment in the ongoing War on Terror — the total number of civilians killed in multiple undeclared U.S. wars exceeds official tallies by the thousands. Iraq and Syria,…

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Not Even the US Military Knows Why the WH Said Assad Is Planning a Chemical Attack

Washington announced Monday Syria plans to carry out ‘another’ chemical weapons attack against its own civilians — and, without hesitation, the Internet destroyed the gauzy excuse for the U.S. to either undertake its own attack, or lay blame for any suspicious chemical onslaughts on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. White House Press Secretary Sean…

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